Is Spring Here Yet?... Um... No.

My twin girls and I have been wanting to get back to a grove of trees we stumbled upon on a recent hike.  Well, let me restate this.  I have been wanting to get back to the grove of trees and my girls have been wanting to get back to a fun-looking gymnastics bar that is very randomly constructed in the middle of nowhere near the grove of trees.  The trees are actually left over from an old tree nursery that was started over 100 years ago (1907) near Mount Herman Road in Monument, CO.  For some reason I was fascinated by it when I stumbled upon it and have been wanting to see how the lined up trees lend themselves to portrait photography.  I was thinking it would be sunnier and warmer than it was, but things change rapidly in March (of course!)... so by the time we made it to the trees, it was a bit windy and chilly.  My girls had insisted on wearing some springtime outfits, so they got a little cold and eventually covered up with coats.  We persevered and got some good shots.  I'd love to go back when the sun is glistening through the trees... or after a nice summer rain.